Saturday, September 15, 2012


Time around here has just gone way to quickly.....I suppose I have been fairly busy lately and so I havn't updated my blog for ages but what seems like a better time to do it than now seems as though my sister wants to have a party and doesn't really want me home :P

Now that school has started again and this first term has almost finished I have started/continued doing lots of things. At school I am taking 2 English courses, 2 Maths courses and Sport. My school days are pretty good as they are not too busy which is nice. The musical I am in is also practising away busily with rehearsals on both Wednesday and Friday afternoons. It's coming along well so will be fantastic to perform the shows for everyone in October!! I have also started up Finnish lessons with Tess and Georgia from Australia. The lessons are lots of fun and since starting them I have found that my Finnish has finally started getting better. Wish I could have done the first course with them when I got to Finland...

I have also been travelling a bit with my host family around Finland we have been to Lapeenranta where my host mums parents lives so we visited them and then before we came home again my host sister Venla and I went to the Flow park (A high ropes park) and completed the courses there :D It was lots of fun though I think its easy to say Venla is more of a monkey than myself!!! haha

Last week it was Liisa and Erika's 18th Birthday's so to celebrate a friend organised a little surprise party last night for them. We hired out the room in Bar Bulmer's where the night started finishing up in Heilis around 4am haha. It was a fun night!! amazing to think we are all 18 now and that I got to celebrate Liisa's 18th actually with her (seems as we were both in Australia together 7months ago) :DD

I'll post again soon this time 

Danika xx

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